TRUSTED & TRUE Guarantee

Guarantee Overview

With TruBid's Trusted & True Guarantee you can rest assured that if any forage you purchased designated with a TruBid guaranteedoes not match what was described TruBid will stand behind your purchase even if the seller does not.  If you find within 7 days (21 days for moisture issues) after taking possession of your qualified purchase that it does not match how it was advertised AND the seller is not willing to stand behind it, TruBid will reimburse you up to 15 percent of the original purchase price.


Reimbursement Options


Terms & Conditions



"Buy with Assurance - Sell With Protection"

Reimbursement Options

TruBid is able to provide reimbursment to you in the following two ways...

  • Keep Bales - If you would like to keep the bales in dispute TruBid will reimburse buyers up to 15 percent of the purchase price minus any reimbursement by the seller.  Fair market value for the forage will be taken into consideration and be based on similar forage sold in your area. 
  • Sell Bales - If you have no use for the bales in dispute (and there are enough bales to make selling worth while) TruBid will resell the bales using TruBid's auction option.  This option will remedy getting the bales out of your way within a week or two.  While TruBid will be considered the seller, you will be responsible for making the normal arrangements with the buyer for pickup.  TruBid will reimburse you up to 15 percent of your purchase.  If you are set up for ACH transfer your reimbursement will automatically be deposited into your account, otherwise a check will be sent by mail after sale takes place.  The whole process of reimbursement may take around one to two weeks.

TruBid will contact the seller to be sure they are aware of the situation before working out any type of reimbursement.

How to Proceed

In order to receive a guarantee reimbursment you must first fill out a claim form.  Prior to doing so, be sure the following conditions have been met...

  • You have contacted seller and attempted to work out a solution for reimbursement or replacement.  If seller does not respond or follow through please contact us to notify us of the issue.
  • Read the guarantee terms & conditions below.


Guarantee Terms & Conditions

The terms of TruBid's Trusted & True Guarantee are described below...

  1. This guarantee applies only to situations where the details and information included in the original TruBid posting are in question or being disputed AND where the seller is not willing to work out an amiable solution.
  2. This guarantee only applies to products purchased that were designated by the TruBid shield in the original posting.
  3. A claim to request a guarantee reimbursement must be submitted within 7 days from the product was picked up.  In the case of a moisture issue a claim must be submitted within 21 days from the actual purchase date.
  4. This guarantee does not apply to any catagories that were not described, accessed, or scored in the original TruBid posting. (ie. if  maturity was not assessed or described, the guarantee will not apply to anything related to any issues regarding maturity)
  5. For weight discrepency issues, the weight must vary more than 5 percent for this guarantee to be applied.
  6. Guarantee DOES NOT apply to the following situations...
  • Delivery fee
  • Forage that was degraded after purchase due to transport or storage issues
  1. TruBid reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this guarantee at any time.