Buyer FAQs

Will I be charged sales tax on my purchase?

When you register with TruBid as a buyer, if you qualify to be tax exempt you will be asked to submit a tax exemption form for your state in which you are looking to purchase a forage product.  These forms will be kept on file and only need to be submitted once.  If we do not have a tax exemption form on file for you we are required to charge sales tax for the state/region in which your product was purchased.  State sales tax requirements vary for each state.

How do I know if I qualify for being tax exempt?

You will need to check the sales tax requirements for the state you are planning to purchase your forage from.

What payment options are available?

TruBid offers a variety of payment options including cash, direct withdrawal and credit card.

Is there a way to rate or view ratings on sellers?

While we are planning to add this feature in the future, at this point ratings on sellers are documented internally and we only track sellers in which there have been issues.  If we've numerous issues with a particluar seller they will no longer be endorsed with a TruBid shield on their posting indicating the Trusted & True guarantee does not apply.  If a blatant issue arises with a particular seller they will be blocked from making future postings on TruBid.  Issues with sellers are captured when a guarantee claim has been submitted.  If you have had an issue with a seller that does not involve a guarantee claim and would like to report please contact us.

What happens if what I purchased doesn't match what was advertised?

In the event you purchase a product through TruBid and when you get it home, it does not match what is described and the seller is not willing to work out a solution with you, you may qualify for a partial reimbursment with our Trusted & True Guarantee.

How soon after my purchase can I pickup or have my purchase delivered?

This will depend on which payment option you choose to use. You may be eligible to pick it up immediatly or you may have to wait up to 48 hours from the time of purchase to allow your payment to process.

Can I purchase additional products directly from a seller in the future without going through TruBid?

When a seller sells a product through TruBid they agree...
In the event that...we ask...
If upon picking up your purchase you decide you would like to buy more...