Our History

For 6 years, founder, Jeff Bremer, ran a small hay business under the name FreedomOne Farms. He grew and sold hay from their 45 acres of tillable land. Most of this hay was put up in small squares the old fashioned way, using 50-year old tractors and balers and lots of young help. What simply began as a way to fund various ministry initiatives Jeff was working on, unexpectedly turned into a thriving business. Friends and neighbors began freely offering various plots of land to make hay from. Some even gave them hay equipment to use.


After a couple years, Jeff found himself operating over 75 acres of hay ground.  This was a lot, considering the age of equipment being used and the amount of labor required for baling mostly small squares.  Jeff developed a simple website and marketed their hay to local buyers.  Word quickly spread  beyond their local area and customers were coming from over 100 miles for hay, even from different states. 


Eventually, the hay business became overwhelming as it was consuming all of Jeff's time, plus all the manual labor was taking a toll on his body.  He struggled with what to do since the idea of laying down a business in which he was being so blessed didn't make sense.  Then one day a friend prayed for Jeff and told him that God was going to give him a vision for a new business, something that had not been done before.  This sounded crazy to Jeff as he had absolutely nothing in mind regarding another business endeavor.  However, less than two weeks later, as Jeff was sharing on the phone with a friend how he was struggling with what to do with the hay business, the idea of starting an online auction/listing website for hay came to mind.  Jeff initially saw it as an "eBay-type platform" for selling hay and other forages.  After doing some research, he found nothing out there like it.  As Jeff continued praying into this vision, he began receiving download after download of ideas that were eventually incorporated into what is now the TruBid Hay Exchange.


After two years of development, the TruBid Hay Exchange was officially launched in 2020 as an online exchange hub providing a 'Trusted & True' place to buy and sell hay and other forages. The original purpose behind the initial small hay business continues to remain today; to fund God's kingdom/ministry initiatives. 


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