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The TruBid Hay Exchange is a premier online exchange hub in which forage products are bought and sold.  We are a one-stop-shop offering a wide range of benefits, features, and services that make buying and selling forages online safe, simple and efficient.

We're REVOLUTIONIZING how forages are bought & sold!!

Official Launch Coming VERY SOON!!
After nearly three years in development, we are excited to introduce the TruBid Hay Exchange!!  Our goal is to be open for business in August.  Until then, some functions or pages may not be available.  In the meantime, feel free to check out our site and get familiar with all the features and benefits that will be available to you when we go live!



- Advanced Search Capability

- Full-Detail Listings

- Apple to Apple Comparisons

- Alerts & Notifications

- Quality Rating System

- Up to Date Listings

- Hauler Search Capability

- Seller Guarantees

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- Strategic Marketing

- Multiple Listing Options

- Inventory Management System

- Guaranteed Payment

- Streamline Posting Process

- Sales Tax Handling

- Customized Sales Reports


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Need someone to deliver your purchase OR want to be listed as a hauler?  We provide the platform and resources to help connect buyers with haulers that can meet your specific needs.

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