Who We Are

The TruBid Hay Exchange is a premier online marketplace that provides buyers and sellers a 'Trusted & True' platform from which to buy and sell hay and other forages.   We offer a wide range of features and options that make buying and selling forages online safe, simple and efficient.

"Buy with ASSURANCE... Sell with PROTECTION"

We have guarantees and accountability measures in place to ensure buyers get what they pay for, and sellers get paid.  In addition, we offer live customer support to help with any sale or purchase issues that may arise.

Our Vision

The vision of the TruBid Hay Exchange is to be an influential leader in the forage industry and the online marketplace arena.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way forages are bought and sold by providing an innovative online marketplace platform that promotes transparency and trust, and makes buying and selling forages online safe, simple and efficient.

Core Values

Our motto, "Trusted & True", is a reflection of our fundamental core values.

  • Honesty - Honesty and transparency are core to building trust.  We strive to promote an atmosphere of transparency and trust between buyers and sellers so everyone comes out a winner in the end.
  • Respect - Respecting others builds trust.  We are dedicated to promoting a culture of respect in all communications and interactions.  Respect means accepting people for who they are.  It's about being courteous, considerate, patient and responsive.
  • Integrity - Where integrity exists, trust abounds.  Integrity is about doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching.  It requires humility as it's also about doing the right thing after we may have unintentionally done the wrong thing.  With integrity comes dependability and fairness.


Our goal isn't to be the largest... It's to be the MOST TRUSTED!