Selling Features

The TruBid Hay Exchange is your one-stop-shop that meets ALL your selling needs!  No more having to post your forages on all the different social media and classified ad sites to sell each year.  We provide all the features and options you need to efficiently market, manage and sell your forages at a higher market price.



No Listing Fees!

It COSTS NOTHING to list your forage on TruBid.  If your forage sells, we just collect a tiny commision from your sale proceeds.  Being our business model is based on high volume sales, we are able to offer the lowest commission fees in the industry, plus you get a full line of features, options and benefits you won't find elsewhere!


Strategic Marketing

Marketing is key to getting maximum price for your forages and moving them quickly.  We eliminate the need to post your forages on different sites for different locations. Through digital marketing, and advertising on the sites forages are typically sold, we bring buyers to our site where they can easily find the forage they are looking for with our advanced search options.


Fast & Guaranteed Payment!

No more wondering when, or IF, you are going to be paid.  When selling through TruBid, payment is not only quick and fast, but guaranteed!  You will receive a digital check via email from which you can choose to print, have directly deposited into your bank account, or have mailed to you.


Inventory Holding Center

Using the Unlisted Stock feature from your My Inventory Center you can save all the details, pictures and test results for each lot of forage you put up throughout the year.  Then, when you are ready to sell a forage, simply move the quantity you wish to an Auction or Fixed Price listing to sell.  Your bale quantities will be updated automatically.


Inventory Management System

Our inventory management system gives you the ability to track the quantity and whereabouts of all your forages throughout the year.  In addition, you can add notes and status dates to forages set aside for pickup or delivery, or those being stored for a customer.  As your forages are sold, your bale quantities are updated automatically. 


Streamlined Posting Process

Enjoy our simple and streamlined posting process!  We prompt you for all the information buyers may be interested in, then compile and present it to buyers in a way that is simple and easy for them to search, view and compare.


Online Auctions (Coming soon!)

Our year-round auctions allow you to take advantage of high demand, or move products quickly when needed.  Why waste time and fuel loading and hauling your bales to a hay auction only to pay a high commission on top of it all.  With TruBid, you can auction your forages from the comfort of your own home, and all at a fraction of what it would cost you to sell at a local hay auction.

Fixed Price Listings (with volume discount pricing)

Using our Fixed Price listings you are able to keep your products listed until they are sold.  Sellers have options to price their products using custom volume discount pricing and can change the pricing or move items to an auction at any time.  Quantities are automatically updated as product is sold.

Sales Tax Processing

In most states, forage sellers are legally required to collect sales tax on forage products they sell unless the buyer provides a tax exemption certificate, in which case the seller is required by law to keep on file.  TruBid takes care of this responsibility for you.  We handle the collection of any sales tax owed and also collect and maintain the tax exemption certificates.

Detailed Sales Reports

Generate your own customized sales reports breaking down sales by date range, forage type, bale type or sale type.  You can also choose to have your sales report summarized enabling you to track and compare your sales from year to year based on sub-categories of your choice.

Seller Rating

Increase your sales and profitability by building a ranking as a reputable seller.  With a strong seller rating, buyers (especially from farther away) will be willing to risk buying from someone they don't know because of your established reputation.  All seller feedback is currently being tracked internally but an interactive seller rating is in the works which will be available for public view.

Live Friendly Customer Support!

Whether it's navigating our website, dealing with a technical issue, or needing help addressing an issue with your sale, just contact our customer support team from our Contact Us page.  They are standing by eager to help you!