Buyer Tips

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Buy in Off-Peak Seasons

Buying forages earlier in the season will most always be less expensive than buying it in the fall or winter.  This is because farmers are much more motivated to sell to make room for future crops.  Demand typically always goes up in the winter months.

Buy in Volume

If you have the ability, you can often save by buying larger volumes.  Think out of the box.  Do you have friends or neighbors who might be willing to split a semi load of bales?  If you have the storage capacity and connections to other buyers, it may be possible to buy extra and resell what you don't need.  You may be able to make a little bit off the extra or at the very least pay for the delivery.

Buy According to Hauling Capability

When buying forages, keep in mind the maximum number of bales you, or your hauler, are able to transport in order to minimize your hauling time and expenses.

Use Our Automatic Notifications

When demand is very high, products sell very quickly when posted.  Take advantage of our automatic notifications so that you can be notified by text or email when a product matching your search is posted.