Hauling FAQs

How much does it cost to deliver hay?

There are many determining factor that haulers base their delivery fees on such

  • Is hauler responsible for helping load/unload?
  • Is it a long or short haul?
  • How many bales do you need hauled?
  • What type/size of bales are you hauling?
  • Is the mileage mostly highway or does it include city driving?

Do I need to be DOT certified to haul/deliver bales of forage?

Every state has different rules, therefore you need to check with the state's department of transportation (DOT) in which you plan to operate in.  TruBid only provides a listing of potential haulers and each hauler is responsible for following the corresponding rules and law of the state(s) they are operation in.

Does it cost anything to be listed as a hauler?

Once we enable our Hauler pages there will be a small fee to be listed as a hauler (yet to be determined).  To be notified when the hauler listing pages become available just sign up on our Keep Me Informed page.

How many bales will fit in a pickup bed?

Depending on the size of your pickup, you should easily be able haul 30-50 bales when stacked strategically.  Download this great PDF illustration on how to stack small squares on a pickup.