Buying Features

Finding the type of hay or forage you're looking for can be time consuming and frustrating.  Even more frustrating, is getting it home, feeding it, and finding it was not what was advertised.  The TruBid Hay Exchange gives you all the features and options needed to find what you're looking for, along with seller accountability measures to help ensure you get what you are paying for.

FIND What You're Looking For...GET What You're Paying For!

Advanced Search Capability

With our advanced search functions you have the ability to search listings in a selected radius and filter results based on your selected criteria.  This is especially helpful when looking for specialty forages such as organic or weed-free.  Search results can be either viewed on a map or in a detailed listing which can be sorted by whatever category you choose.

Standardized Full-Detail Listings

TruBid takes the guesswork out of buying forage.  We prompt sellers for all the information you need before investing in a purchase.  Key details, including actual or estimated price/ton and quality assessments, can be viewed in your search results table for easy comparison.  By clicking on the detail view, you can probe deeper to scan the full array of information collected which is displayed in an easy-to-view format.

Apple-to-Apple Price Comparisons

When forage are sold by the bale, making price comparisons between forages is difficult as bale weights may vary.  In order to make apple-to-apple price comparisons one needs to take the estimated bale weight to convert the pricing to price/ton.  When sellers provide an estimated bale weight, TruBid does the conversion to price-per-ton for you so you can compare apples-to-apples.

Alerts & Notifications

Not finding what you're looking for?  Sick of getting beat to the punch?  With TruBid you can just save your search and get notified by email or text as soon as a forage matching your search criteria is posted.

Up-to-Date Listings

With our automated listing updates you don't have to wonder and waste time checking on availability of a product.  Bale quantities are updated automatically or deleted when sold out.  If a forage is list on our site, it is available!

Seller Accountability

We strive to hold sellers accountable.  TruBid requires sellers to answer a series of questions that best describe the quality of their forage.  They are expected to stand behind their product in regards to the details they have provided in their posting.  In the event a seller develops a bad seller rating, there will be consequences, and they could ultimately be blocked from using TruBid.

CAR ScoreSM Quality Rating System

TruBid has developed a proprietary quality rating system called the CAR ScoreSM.  Sellers are prompted to assess the quality of their forage based on key categories that affect and determine it's overall quality.  Based on their assessment, a CAR Score is assigned to the forage that indicates the general overall quality of the forage.   The CAR Score can be used when comparing different forages in your search results.

Tru-Weight Guarantees

Sellers have the ability to offer a Tru-Weight Guarantee.  This guarantee gives  you the option to weigh the bales you purchased.  If the total actual weight is more than 10 percent less than the total estimated weight, the seller will reimburse you the difference.  They will also reimburse for any for any additional sales tax or sale fees you may have incurred.

Trusted & True Guarantee

When a seller offers a Trusted & True Guarantee they are guaranteeing that their forage is as described in their listing.  If for some reason the buyer finds it is not, the seller agrees designates in their listing how they would be willing to reimburse you if you find an issue.

Live Friendly Customer Support!

Whether it's navigating our website, dealing with a technical issue, or needing help addressing an issue with your purchase, just contact our customer support team from our Contact Us page.  They are standing by eager to help you out!

Find a Hauler (Coming soon!)

In search of someone to haul your bales?  Use our Find a Hauler page to help find someone that can meet your hauling needs.  With our Hauler Search feature you can search for haulers within a defined radius capable of meeting your specific hauling needs (Hauler Search will be made available in the near future).

Pay with Credit Card

Enjoy the convenience of paying by credit card and potentially getting 1 to 3% cash back with any type of rewards card.