Seller Ratings

We are in the process of building a seller rating system into our platform.  Until then, we are internally tracking any buyer/seller issues that arise.  We encourage buyers and sellers to submit a ticket or contact us through our Customer Support Center for any buyer/seller issues you may encounter such as:

  • Item Description - Providing honest and accurate details regarding the forage being sold.
  • Punctuality - Being on time and available for scheduled pickups.  (Feedback on seller deliveries will be eventually factored in as part of the seller's Hauler Profile)
  • Response Time - Responding to messages and reimbursement payouts in a timely manner.
  • Issue Resolution / Guarantee Fulfillment - Honoring Tru-Weight and Trusted & True guarantees by responding to reimbursement requests.  (Only applicable when a guarantee was offered on an item.)
  • Friendliness - Being cordial and respectful.

Any feedback submitted regarding a buyer/seller will be kept confidential and used internally for developing a buyer/seller rating profile.  If we find a seller begins to develop a negative track record in any the above areas we will notify the seller so they can address the issue.  Depending on the issue and the seller's response, their commission rates and ability to sell through TruBid may be affected.