Commissions & Fees

Being our business model is based on high volume sales, we are able to offer the lowest commission fees in the industry while still offering a full line of features, options and benefits you won't find elsewhere.

Buyer Fees

 Fee Description Fee
  Buyer's Premium (based on purchase amount) 4.30%
  Transaction Fee (per sales transaction) * $2.99
  Non-fulfillment Fee (for when buyer does not fulfill terms of sale) $30.00 or 4.30%
(whichever is greater)

 *  Multiple purchases can be made under one sales transaction

Seller Fees

 Fee Description Fee
  Sales Commission * (based on total sale amount) 3.00%
  Reserve Price (for auctions) n/a
  Auction Item Modification Fee (for changes made to a live auction item) $25.00
  Auction Item Cancellation Fee (for removal of a live auction item) $30.00 or 3.00%
(whichever is greater)

 *  Commission is based on a good seller rating