Seller FAQs

How much does it cost to sell through TruBid?

Registration is free and there is NO COST to list your forages on TruBid to sell.  It's only if your listing sells, a small commission will be withheld from your sale.

At what point can I release a forage after an auction?

Once TruBid receives payment from the buyer after an auction ends, you will get an email notification that your item has been sold and your item will then show up under the Pending Pickup tab in My Inventory.  At this point your forage can be released.  Do not release your forage until you have this verification.

Is there a cost to use the built-in inventory management system?

No, this handy feature is completely free for sellers to take advantage of.

Is it possible to sell my forages by the ton?

Currently, forages can only be priced by the bale.  However, if you are able to provide an accurate estimated bale weight along with a Tru-Weight Guarantee, you are essentially selling your hay by the ton as your price/bale will be automatically converted to an estimated price/ton on your listing.

How and when will I get paid for my sales?

Your payment will be initiated 2 business days after you mark your sale item as being Picked Up, Delivered or Stored on your Pending Pickup page.  The holding period is provided to give the buyer a chance to dispute their purchase as having been picked up, delivered or stored.  After the holding period you will receive a digital check through via email within one business day.  From this email you will be presented the following options to receive payment (See examples):

  1. ACH / Direct Deposit - Designate a bank account to which you would like your payment to be deposited.  This only needs to be set up once and any future payments will be deposited automatically until you designate otherwise.
  2. Print Check - Print your digital check right from your email and deposit in the bank just like you would a regular check.

As as Seller, am I responsible for collecting sales tax?

NO.  One of the benefits of selling through TruBid is that we determine and collect any sales tax that may be owed.   For buyers that are tax exempt, we also collect and maintain the tax exemption certificates that are required by law for sellers have on file.

How does the Tru-Weight Guarantee work?

When a seller offers a Tru-Weight Guarantee, they are guaranteeing the weights of the bales are within 10% of the Estimated Bale Weight (provided in their listing).  With a Tru-Weight Guarantee, buyers have the option to have the bales weighed when they are picked up or delivered.

If bales are found to be more than 10 percent underweight, the seller agrees to reimburse the buyer the difference plus scale fees, and any additional commission or sales tax incurred as a result of the bales being underweight.

Can I use TruBid to buy or sell forages from Canada?

At this time, TruBid only supports U.S. sales.

Can I edit details on an auction item once it is posted?

You cannot make edits to an auction listing once the auction has started.  If it is critical to make an edit you can submit a ticket or contact us through our Customer Service Center, however, an Item Modification Fee may be applied to make the edit.

What is Stover?

Stover is the leaves and stalks of field crops, such as corn, sorghum or soybeans that are left in a field after harvesting the grain. 

What is involved in getting my forage tested?

If you have a medium to high quality hay you are looking to sell, we recommend you get it tested.  The additional amount you will likely get will usually outweigh the cost of getting the forage tested.

  1. Get Probe Sample - First you will need to get a sample to send in or drop off at a forage testing lab.  Some local farm coops may provide this service.  If not, you can either do this yourself with the proper tools.  You can check out the National Forage Testing Association website for their recommended forage sampling procedures.
  2. Determine Type of Test Needed - The type of forage test you choose will depend on what your potential customers will want to see.  A basic test can often be done for as little as $12 - $15 and a more advanced test may be in the $30 range.  Prices will vary between forage labs.
  3. Submit Samples for Testing - The National Forage Testing Association has a national list of certified forage testing labs.  There are over 100 such labs around the country.

What if I have a disagreement or issue with a buyer?

We understand there are occasions when no matter how hard you try to bend over backward for someone you won't be able to please them.  While we do all we can to protect the buyers, we also do our best to discern situations and protect the seller as well.  We do track issues that buyers may have and if we see a particular buyer with numerous complaints against different sellers we will take that into account.  If you have an issue that you are unable to resolve with a buyer please submit a ticket or contact us through our Customer Service Center to report the issue.

What if a buyer does not pick up their purchase within the designated time period?

In the event the buyer has not picked up their purchase within the maximum time you designated in your posting, you can choose to either repost the item for sale OR work out an arrangement out with the buyer.  Either way you will need to submit a ticket or contact us through our Customer Service Center.